Peace and Unity in the Isles - Prospects of a Government of National Unity in Zanzibar

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A Report of a Kituo cha Katiba Fact-Finding Mission

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About this publication

Kituo cha Katiba: The Eastern Africa Centre for Constitutional Development (KcK) sent a fact finding mission to Zanzibar out of concern about the post-2015/16 election political developments in the country. The major goal of the mission was to provide an avenue for Zanzibaris to express their views and exchange ideas about their country’s constitutional future. The specific objectives were to: Capture, document and assess the voices of Zanzibar is on outstanding constitutional issues following the 2015 elections; the implications for the future; and recommendations for constitutional reform and the way forward, Provide a neutral forum for popular assessment of the Government of National Unity (GNU) – its achievements and challenges in the light of Zanzibar’s constitutional and political development, and Identify key strategies to move Zanzibar’s constitutional agenda forward.

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