A People’s Dialogue Political Settlements in Uganda and the Quest for a National Conference

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A People’s Dialogue Political Settlements in Uganda and the Quest for a National  Conference

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About this publication

A People’s Dialogue: Political Settlements in Uganda & the Quest for a National Conference is the result of a study on political settlements in Uganda and the future of governance. The framing of these settlements was frequently marked by manipulation and fraud, and their endorsement done under duress. However, after Uganda attained political independence, itself the culmination of a settlement at Lancaster House, a number of settlements were negotiated and sealed, involving a variety of parties, to respond to specific political challenges and emergencies.

Post-independence Uganda has never experienced a peaceful transfer of power, with serious social and political repercussions. This state of affairs created the need to analyse, in detail, various settlements, starting in 1890 and ending in 2007.

Since the various settlements seem not to have led to sustainable democratic governance in Uganda, it is felt that a meaningful political settlement involving a national dialogue remains the only meaningful option. This study recommends a settlement arrived at with the involvement of citizen groups and using the bottom-up approach.

The study is enriched with an appendix comprising all the settlements that it draws upon for those readers who might wish to delve into them. Also appended to it is an important document on the Juba Peace Process from Uganda Women’s Coalition for Peace.

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