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Location (Duty Station)          :           Kampala, Uganda

Application Deadline              :           11/06/2023

Type of Contract                     :           Consultancy Services Contract

Contract Duration                   :           (Spread within 30 Days)

Starting Date                           :           14/06/2023Reports to                               Executive Director

I.0Background and Introduction

Uganda’s current constitution was promulgated on 8 October 1995 as one of the most progressive of its time. It has since been reviewed and amended several times. However, as the constitutional landscape evolves, it is crucial to consider new provisions to address emerging opportunities and challenges. Most of the proposals for constitutional reform primarily focus on established matters or existing provisions, while neglecting the potential impact of emerging trends such as technological advancements including Artificial Intelligence (AI), alternative governance models and best practices from later and more progressive constitutions. Furthermore, discussions surrounding the transition from a presidential to a parliamentary system in Uganda have gained prominence, necessitating a thorough examination of the implications for the country’s governance.

The research study aims to thoroughly examine these new constitutional provisions in order to inform the upcoming constitutional reform process in Uganda. The study will involve conducting comprehensive research, benchmarking international best practices, and analyzing the potential implications of proposed changes on Uganda's governance landscape., crafting draft constitutional provisions relating to the identified new or emerging areas for reform.

To ensure an informed and comprehensive constitutional reform process, KcK seeks to engage a highly qualified consultant. The consultant's role will involve conducting extensive research, comparative analyses, and critical evaluations of proposed changes.

2.0 The Purpose of the Call

The purpose of this call is therefore to seek services of a consultant to conduct the aforementioned research on emerging or new areas and provisions for reform under the 1995 Uganda Constitution. The consultant will be responsible for conducting in-depth research, benchmarking international best practices, and analyzing the potential implications of proposed changes on Uganda's governance landscape. The findings and recommendations from this research will inform the upcoming constitutional reform process in Uganda. 

3.0 Terms of reference

The consultant will be responsible for the following:

  1. Facilitate the expert Group discussions on the 5 thematic areas under the project (Electoral reform related matters, The system of government for Uganda, Safe guards for peaceful transfer of power such as age and term limits, Political party organizing, and Human Rights including Personal freedoms, rights to assembly, expression and association) with a view to identifying new or emerging areas for constitutional reform
  2. Conduct in depth research on new constitutional elements for inclusion in the Ugandan Constitution to identify potential new constitutional elements considering best practices and emerging issues including technological advancements, and alternative governance models.
  3. Evaluate the relevance and potential impact of the identified elements on Uganda's governance, democracy, and rule of law.
  4. Compile a comprehensive report detailing the findings, including rationale and potential benefits for each identified constitutional element and draft. constitutional provisions in respect to the new or emerging areas.
  5. Submit the report to KcK for review and comment
  6. Incorporate comments from KcK into the draft report to produce the final research report.

4.0 Qualifications and Competencies required

A)  Competencies

  1. Knowledge of constitutional law and reform: The consultant should have a strong understanding of the principles of constitutional law and the process of constitutional reform in Uganda.
  2. Research and analytical skills: The consultant should have the ability to conduct desk research, gather and analyze data, and synthesize information.
  3. Writing and documentation skills: The consultant should have excellent writing skills, be able to present information clearly and succinctly, and have experience producing analytical reports and publications.
  4. Project management: The consultant should have the ability to manage a project from start to finish, including managing timelines, budgets, and stakeholders.
  5. Interpersonal and communication skills: The consultant should have strong interpersonal skills, be able to effectively communicate with stakeholders, and have the ability to build relationships and negotiate with different actors.
  6. Familiarity with the political, social and economic context in Uganda: The consultant should have an understanding of the political, social, and economic context in Uganda, including knowledge of the country's history, governance structures, and current reform efforts.

B)  Qualifications

  1. A Masters’ Degree in Law as a minimum qualification.
  2. Evidence of knowledge on governance in Uganda, with a bias towards constitutional and electoral law  
  3. Demonstrable experience in conducting studies on constitutional and electoral law reform.

5.0 Key Deliverables

The consultants shall be expected to deliver the following:

  1. An inception report.
  2. Comprehensive report on new constitutional elements with proposed constitutional provisions

6.0 Assignment Duration

The assignment will be conducted for a period of one month spread from 14 June, 2023 to 13 July, 2023.

8.0 Application Procedure  

Interested individuals should submit their application for the assignment including a technical and financial proposal not later than 11 June 2023. The application should be sent to the Executive Director, Kituo cha Katiba, Plot 7, Estate Link Road, Naguru, or by email: and copied to and

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