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Dissemination of study findings on : Political Settlements and the Future of Governance in Uganda: The Prospects of a National Dialogue

Informed by the fact that Uganda has never experienced a peaceful transfer of power, with serious social and political repercussions, the study primarily examined previous political settlements and alliance in Uganda from pre-independence to date (1890 to 2007) , to assess their major characteristics, strengths, weaknesses and success and how they inform current political efforts for a new political settlement in Uganda; and explored views on the necessity and desirability of national dialogue in Uganda and practical steps to achieve it.

The findings of the nationwide study were disseminated in Kampala on 27th March 2018.  A total of 72 participants from diverse backgrounds including academia, politicians, representatives of political parties, youth, women activists, veteran politicians, journalists,  senior citizens,  cultural leaders, representatives of cultural and religious institutions, representatives of NGOs those working on human rights, governance, women and youth issues; and media attended, several of them from upcountry.

Chief Justice Emeritus of Kenya, Dr Willy Mutunga, who had confirmed to officiate as Chief Guest, was unable to attend but sent a speech which was read at the Forum.

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